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Class Materials List
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The following materials are suggested for this course, but not required. Students are encouraged to bring materials they feel most comfortable working with.

Colors (Tubes):

Indian Yellow

Translucent Orange

Gamboge Lake Extra

Quinacridone Gold

Burnt Sienna

Perylene Maroon

Burnt Umber

Opera Rose

Quinacridone Red

Cadmium Red Light

Winsor Deep Red

Transparent Alizarin Crimson

Quinacridone Magenta

Cobalt Blue

Manganese Blue

French Ultramarine

Green Gold

Leaf Green

Permanent Sap Green


Shadow Violet


DaVinci brushes, Fabio Cembranelli Signature Collection (2 sets of flat and round brushes). More info visit:

Fabio Cembranelli Signature Collection by DaVinci - Set 1

Fabio Cembranelli Signature Collection by DaVinci - Set 2

Custom line of signature brushes made for Fabio Cembranelli by DaVinci in Germany.  

***15% discount code can be applied for brushes purchase:  WORKSHOP15***

Fan Brush (Synthetic): Raphael , 4 or 6.


Moulin du Roy (Cold Pressed), 300 g/m - Fabio Cembranelli first choice.

Arches (Cold Pressed), 300g/m.

Fabriano Artistico (Cold Pressed), 300g/m. *artists can bring a few full sheets ( 30x22 inches) or Watercolor Paper Blocks.


Paper Towel, Masking Fluid, Sketchbook.

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