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Class Materials List
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Supply List for Natural Impressions: Interpreting the Summer Landscape 

Camera body, batteries, chargers and memory cards


Combinations in the16-300 mm range(s). We’ll be photographing landscapes, details in the landscape, wildlife (in the AZ Desert Museum).

A macro lens or something that provides you with close-up capability. It’s not a requirement to have gear that goes to life-size, but something that gets you in close for cactus blossoms and other flowers, and close-up details.

Sturdy tripod 

Remote release or some way (smartphone) to trigger your camera’s shutter without touching the camera (for night photos particularly)

Polarizing filters

(optional) Neutral density filters for doing very long exposures – a Singh-Ray MorSlo 10 or 15 stop is a great choice, and you get a 10% discount 30 days before or after the workshop by using the code Brenda10 at checkout or when you call in the order to them.

A diffusion disc – a circular disc that unfold like your car shades untwist, made with diffusion material – I would recommend a at least something in the 32” diameter. These are necessary when working under full sun conditions to give you the option of some diffused, softer light for details and close-ups. I can’t live without mine – but I only have 1 or 2 I’ll be bringing.

Laptop to download images and editing software – Photoshop, Elements or Lightroom preferred

If you have any questions about equipment, please email Brenda at


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