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Class Materials List
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Appliqué Instructions

  • Use Freezer Paper Templates
  • Trace the circle separately with a pencil on the matte side of your freezer paper.
  • Cut out the freezer paper template on the pencil line.
  • Iron the template to the neutral wool pieces placing the shiny side of your freezer paper towards the wool.
  • Cut out the wool appliqué circles exactly the same size as the template.
  • Using your small appliqué pins, pin the circles to the background.
  • Please do not use a fusible to attach the wool circles.

Wool Appliqué Instructions 

  • Use Ellana wool thread and a #24 Chenille needle to whipstitch the wool circles to the background.
  • Using a small whipstitch, match the color of the thread to the circle color.
  • My stitch is usually an 1/8th of an inch deep and 1/8th of an inch apart.
  • These stitches are parallel to each other and perpendicular to the edge.
  • I use an 18” length of thread with a quilters knot in the end.

Additional Supplies to Bring to Class

#24 and #18 Chenille needles

# 10 straw needles

#3 and #1 Milliner needles

Pencil and journal provided

Embroidery scissors

Small and large circle template

Chalk Pencil

Scraps of neutral velvet, silk and cottons to make hexagons and yo yo’s

Extra small yo yo maker

3/8” hexagon papers and a pencil glue stick

Cream or grey #11 seed beads

Neutral #24 Silk Thread for beading

An assortment of light grey, cream and beige embroidery threads in different weights -

Seagrass, Silken Pearl, Razzle, Dazzle, Eleganza, Dala, Silk Ribbon, Shepards

Silk and Oriental Linen

Required Book

My Embroidery Book - Creative Stitching 2nd Edition

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