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Class Materials List
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  • Inspirational photographs, a collection of images that you have been saving up as possible idea starters for quilts. either your own images or images from magazines or calendars.

    Full value range from very light to very dark (I use 7 values) of fabrics in your chosen color scheme. You can work the whole week with one color scheme to explore it fully or you can bring several color schemes to work with for the different exercises.

    possible color schemes - monochromatic, analogous, split complementary, complementary, triadic, analogous+complement, or you can choose two warms and a cool and/or two cools and a warm.

    Several exercises will be quick and fusing will be the best way to do the exercises but if you are going to use one of the exercises as a spin off to start a quilt you can work whatever way you are comfortable with, These fabrics can be fused , raw edge or I can show you how I do turned edge applique.

    Sketch book for ideas and pencil and ruler

    Tracing paper

    sewing machine and thread that goes with your chosen color scheme (s)

    general sewing supplies, anything you use to create your quilts.

    Your preferred Fusable web, rotary cutter and mat and ruler.

    We will focus on one exercise a day, if you work fast you may wish to create several pieces so bring lots of fabric,

    The format will be a 12 inch square for the exercises and the spin off pieces can be any size you want


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