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Class Materials List
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• 8”x10” or larger gel plate: 

• 22”x30” printmaking paper such as Stonehenge*, cut into pieces from 8”x8” up to 12”x12” (whatever sizes you are comfortable with) pieces. You should have at least 24 of these small pieces.

• Found papers such a book pages, gift wrap, or Japanese papers (light-weight, to be printed on and used for collage)

• Brayer, soft rubber, 2” – 3”

• Acrylic paints – Golden (or other artist grade**) Fluid Acrylics AND Golden OPEN acrylics.

• 1 tube of Titanium White heavy body acrylic paint, any decent brand, or an 8 oz bottle of Blick Matte Acrylics white.

• Scissors

• Acrylic matte medium (I prefer Utrecht brand) or soft gel (NOT heavy gel)

• Acrylic glazing liquid/medium (this keeps your fluid acrylics wet longer, which is a necessity in the Southwest)

• Paint brushes in a few sizes and shapes

• Any textured surfaces you can find – corrugated paper, sequin waste, texture plates, rug liner, textured placemats, soffit vent material, plastic fencing, etc.

• Rubber combs, or similar tools

• Drawing tools such as pens, graphite pencils, markers, watercolor crayons. I recommend Posca Pens (paint markers).

• Plastic container for water (think quart yoghurt container)

• Big fat roll of paper towels

• Disposable palette (pad of paper style)

• Baby Wipes or rubbing alcohol


Instructor will supply:

• Loads of 9”x12” cheap drawing paper for making collage papers

• Card stock for creating stencils

• Some OPEN acrylics to share (still, bring some of your own)

• Chocolate (good chocolate)

• Pearls of wisdom and pearls of stupidity


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