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Class Materials List
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Supply list for “Ready, Paint, Go!”



Use the paper that you're comfortable using.

I like 140lb Fabriano Artisico (Hotpress) for the Brusho paintings (moves around little better) but I use 140 arches cold press on mixed tube and Brusho or just tube paint paintings, so both are good to have.



I feel it’s best to use the palette and paints you’re most familiar with.

I use a little brass, handheld 16-color palette!


This is a list of what I use:

An assortment of Brusho. A 12-color set is great but any combo of colors will be super fun. I will have plenty of Brusho for everyone to use if you don't have any and want to try some before you buy it!

Tube paints:

Yellow Ochre

Quin Gold

Burnt Sienna

French Ultra Marine Blue

Burnt Umber

Naples Yellow

Cerulean Blue

Cobalt Tourquoise

Colbalt Blue

Cobalt purple

Permanent Alizarin Crimson

Rose Madder Genuine

Cadmium Red

Phthalo Blue

Transparent orange




Bring your tried-and-true favorites. It’s always a good idea to paint with what you know and what works for you. Brusho is safe and non-harmful. I will share some fun and inexpensive brush choices!

These are the brushes I use:

I love a  small, medium and a large mop brush, a small, and mid size round brush, and a small fine detail brush. I also use a small square (1/8")  brush for cleaning up edges.

Also recommend you have a couple synthetic inexpensive small flat or round brushes (depending on your preferences) for using with the bleaching technique (super fun!), and a small, separate plastic tub for rinsing bleach water brushes. Aprons are always a good idea.


Other Supplies

Masking Fluid and whatever applicator you prefer. I use a ruling pen that you can buy at a drafting supply store for $4-$5

Pencils and erasers

Sturdy Board (foam or gator board, particle board any non-porous surface) to tape or staple paper onto, and something to put under it to tilt it up - like a rolled up towel or equivalent

Whatever kind of tape you use if you use tape to secure paper. Masking tape works great

Drinking straw

Spray bottles small and large

Plastic tubs or whatever you use for water, and paper towels (the Viva brand has no pattern to transfer to your paper)

Cloth kitchen towels if you like to use them 



It's a good idea to have your drawings ready to paint. You can use pre-selected ones from my website or draw your own. I've never found an image that couldn't use a little Brusho love somewhere. Please keep in mind--the classroom is for learning techniques and experimenting without the burden of expecting a finished frameable piece of art. Let the masterpieces come later when you're back home and creating in your space with all your new tools and experiences. Of course if you make a masterpiece in class--and lots of students do--that's ok too

Images available to be pre-drawn before class are available at:

While Brusho is a big part of this class, basic and advanced watercolor techniques will be covered as well, including:

Landscapes, cityscapes. seascapes, portraits, Lost and found edges, color theory, palette knife techniques, shapes and blending, textures, mixing, etc..

If you're using digital equipment (like artographs, smartphones, tablets, etc.) please feel free to bring them to share/use. We will be covering some basic digital device uses (composing a painting on your phone from photograph etc)  as well as painting techniques.


Whew! Mostly bring your happy hearts and let's have some fun and grow and learn in a safe and friendly atmosphere together!


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