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Class Materials List
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This list is to serve as a guide for the basic equipment/materials I use in my process, and does not need to be followed to the letter.

Please feel free to email me any questions in advance of the workshop and I’ll do my best to reply in a tmely manner:

• Reference photos in full-color for creating your own unique version of your project.
• Pencil and eraser
• Paper-cutting scissors and fabric-cutting scissors
• Freezer paper
• Finger stiletto (optional)
• Fine point, black permanent marker (optional)
• Plenty of appropriate fabric selections. Colorful textured prints, batiks, hand-dyes, marbled and non-repeating patterned fabrics work best. I will also have commercial fabrics in fat quarters available for purchase.
• Silk pins or straight pins for pinning pieces to the design wall.
• Resealable plastic bags to organize pattern pieces, gallon size or larger recommended.

• Small iron and ironing pad (optional); irons and ironing boards are provided in the classroom.
• 30” x 40” piece of foam core or insulation board (optional, but helpful) if you are driving to the workshop. Otherwise, you will need to disassemble your project to take it home.
• Portable light(s) for your table top
• Power strip/surge protector/extension cord
• Sheet or fabric to cover your work table during non-class hours. You may not be ready for these during the workshop, but you may need them to complete your project.
• Straight pins for applique: I use glass head applique pins from Bohin
• One yard of bleached muslin, white Kona cotton, or background fabric for a base in which to applique on (may be determined later).
• Hand-sewing needle: I use Bohin #10 Long Applique and/or Straw (milliners) needles
• Hand-sewing thread

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