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FKC061118 - Fine Art Flower Photography on Madeline Island

Learn new techniques for capturing the most beautiful and dynamic flower photographs using Madeline Island’s wide flower variety during the peak bloom week!


Dates: 06/11/18 to 06/15/18
Level: All Levels
Instructor: Kathleen Clemons
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FDB062518 - iPhone Artistry on Madeline Island: The Next Step

Elevate you iPhone images above the ocean of "me-too" filter effects and borders!

Dates: 06/25/18 to 06/29/18
Level: All Levels
Instructor: Dan Burkholder
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FBT070218 - Natural Impressions: Interpreting the Summer Landscape with Brenda Tharp

Go beyond basic technique to create dynamic, personal expressions of nature in this workshop, guided by veteran instructor Brenda Tharp!  Night skies, summer meadows, sunset cruise on the Lake and more await.

Dates: 07/02/18 to 07/06/18
Level: Intermediate to Advanced
Instructor: Brenda Tharp
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FBP071618 - Understanding Exposure and Learning to See Creatively

Improve upon your existing knowledge to create dynamic photos, guided by instructor and photographer, Bryan Peterson! This course is based upon Bryan’s best selling books of the same titles.

Dates: 07/16/18 to 07/20/18
Level: Intermediate to Advanced
Instructor: Bryan F Peterson
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FCB073018 - Photographing the Apostle Islands with Craig Blacklock

Go on a weeklong series of unforgettable photo outings, with master photographer Craig Blacklock at your side.

Dates: 07/30/18 to 08/03/18
Level: Intermediate
Instructor: Craig Blacklock
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  FGR082018 - The Art, Science, and Craft of Great Landscape Photography

Unlock your creative potential! Glenn will help you gain the in-depth knowledge of the craft of landscape photography that you need to grow and thrive as an artist. Students will learn new ways to plan, shoot, and edit photos, then apply their skills while photographing the stunning scenery of Madeline Island. In addition to providing helpful feedback in the field and the classroom, Glenn will offer each student a one-on-one portfolio review. 

Dates: 08/20/18 to 08/24/18
Level: Intermediate to Advanced
Instructor: Glenn Randall
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FCV100118 - Autumn Landscape Photography Workshop with Craig Varjabedian

Explore the magnificent Autumn color and landscape of Madeline Island with award winning photographer Craig Varjabedian in this unique workshop!

Dates: 10/01/18 to 10/05/18
Level: Intermediate to Advanced
Instructor: Craig Varjabedian
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