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Photography | A Natural Eye
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Class #: FES073117
Dates: 07/31/17 to 08/04/17
Level: All Levels
Tuition: $800.00
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Instructor: Eddie Soloway  | View Instructor's: Bio  | Other Classes

Image by Eddie Soloway
  Image by Eddie Soloway  
Class Description: 

If you love the outdoors yet find that your images keep looking like pretty postcards, join Eddie Soloway on a journey of looking at the natural world with new eyes, and creating fresh, personal photographic expressions.

This workshop strives to develop your natural eye first, and then bring the technical skills of photography up to it. You will spend as much time changing your perspective, sharpening your senses, and immersing yourself in nature as you will on developing new photographic skills.

You stop chasing the light and learn to enjoy the fine art of wandering. You visit the same place in different light and different weather, getting to know it, and hence seeing it with new eyes. You learn that if you hear more and touch more, you will photograph with more sensitivity.

You are rewarded by the skills of patience, solitude and emptying. This week weaves together practical insights into how to get what you see into a finished image, eye-opening outdoor experiences, technical lessons, daily image reviews, and Eddie’s one-on-one meetings with each participant. There will also be a sunset boat cruise through the Apostle Islands to Devil’s Island, site of some of the best sea caves in the world. 

At the end of the workshop you will find yourself focused less on objects and things, and more on the magic of moments and the essence of places


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