- Plein Air Painting | Confidence in Watercolor in Santa Fe
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Plein Air Painting | Confidence in Watercolor in Santa Fe - - Plein Air Painting | Confidence in Watercolor in Santa Fe - Plein Air Painting | Confidence in Watercolor in Santa Fe
Plein Air Painting | Confidence in Watercolor in Santa Fe
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Class #: PADM041221
Dates: 04/12/21 to 04/16/21
Level: All Levels
Tuition: $825.00
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Instructor: Daniel Marshall  | View Instructor's: Bio  | Other Classes

Class Description: 

In Dan Marshall's studio painting workshop with a plein air focus you will learn how to incorporate a deliberate process for creating realistic but expressive watercolor paintings. Having a consistent process enables you to relax and tap into creativity, thinking your paintings through. Holding in your mind a pre visualization of the finished piece allows you to know in advance the steps to success and the freedom to adapt to “mistakes”. The studio time at the beginning of the week will equip students with tools and techniques for better plein air painting success later in the week. Dan will studio and plein air demo 2-3 times a day with students. Following each demo with their own interpretation, utilizing the techniques demonstrated.

Studio and Plein Air watercolor requires you to simplify- focus on the mood, find your subject and simplify shapes and details, This approach will allow you to make design decisions without being bogged down in detail too early in the process.Use tried and true design and composition ideas to take your work to the next level. Create Stronger Paintings by editing what you see. Stop simply transcribing a scene and start to create from your own personal vision. 

Points we will focus on:

-Pre visualization 

-How to edit what you see to compose interesting paintings

-Drawing for your painting- rhythmic with a “loose accuracy” to break the habit of coloring in your paintings

-Keep connectivity and color harmony in your painting

-How to use varying consistencies of pigment in relation to degrees of wetness in the paper

-How to use different types of edges to create visual interest

-How to use subtle shifts in value and temperature to create depth

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